Explore delicious desserts with us at Kenai Riverfront Resort as we take you to Baked Alaska & Beyond!  We hope you enjoy learning about, and even better yet, tasting some of our family and guest favorites, many of them original creations or variations on other recipes. 

Baked Alaska is our all time favorite celebration desert, perfect for Birthdays, Father's Day, and the like.  And, you can't miss on our perfect Alaska Blueberry Pie with a slightly sweet shortbread like crust.  And, finally, for something truly different and international, try our Spaghetti Eis, invented in Mainz, Germany in the 1960's by an Italian Gelato Master who was experimenting with ice cream and a späetzli press.  Bon Appetito!

Always Eat Dessert First, Pie Fixes Everything, & Don't Forget to Kiss the Cook!  Those are  the mottos in our kitchen, especially when it comes to sweets!