Finding good food, realllly good food, is a challenge almost anywhere you go these days.  When you travel as far away as Alaska, you don't want to end up eating at all the wrong places.  Places that charge you more for less and places that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Our Kenai Riverfront Restaurant Reviews represent some of our tried & true favorite places to eat on the Peninsula, some fancy, some dives, some drive-thrus, some that even deliver.  What they all have in common is owners that CARE about the food they prepare and CARE about good service. From Drive-Thrus, Fast Food & To-Go for our guests on the run heading out to fish for the day, to fine dining for Alaska Seafood after a day filled with adventure, or the finest local watering holes, there's something here for everyone we hope.

You've come this far, the least you deserve is a decent meal!


Diner/Cafe Style


Alaska Seafood

Drive-Thrus & Fast Food

Breweries and More

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