#10:  Kenai Peninsula Berry Picking or Mushrooming

Here's an activity you can enjoy absolutely free!  With a variety of wild berries and mushrooms available throughout the mid to late summer season, and well into the fall, the Kenai Peninsula is the perfect place to enjoy foraging in the forest.  (As bear do enjoy berries as well, as their main diet, we advise that you go well armed with a slug loaded shotgun, .44 caliber or greater pistol with bear loads, or pepper spray to help prevent yourself from becoming part of their diet.)

Blueberry picking is a great family adventure in the rain forests of the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska Blueberries are plentiful in August & September

Other Delicious berries include Nagoon Berries, Wild Strawberries, Raspberries, Salmon Berries and more!

Taylor enjoys eating them as fast as picking them of course!

In years of good rain, Morels and other tasty fungi can be found nearby.

Proper identification is vitally important, so do your research before frolicking in the forest!