This is really something special.  As an exchange student in Germany many moons ago I discovered this simple tasty dessert, found throughout Germany at nearly every Gelato stand, Espresso cafe, and even some restaurant.  This unique dessert is made to look like a bowl of spaghetti, with the ice cream turned into noodles, strawberry marinara, and white chocolate for parmesan.  A hidden dollop of whip cream under the ice cream makes for a nice creamy finish.

For years I forgot about it, given the fact that its quite hard to find anywhere in the U.S., let alone Alaska!  Then one day after the Internet was born, I made a random search to see if it still even existed, the taste having long since drifted away.  I found Spaghetti Ice, and immediately ordered their cheapest hand Spaghetti Eis presse.  Made of plastic, with an aluminum disk that turns ordinary ice cream into spaghetti noodle looking ice cream, this was the first Spaghetti Eis I had tasted in over 20 years, and the very first for my family.

Today, for parties and to surprise unsuspecting friends on occassion, we take out our Spaghetti Eis machine and produce this delightful dessert.  This dessert was invented by an Italian Gelato cafe owner in Mainz, Germany in the 60's, and today there are a wide variety of both home and commerical units available in Germany, Italy, and the U.S.  The original Spaghetti Eis Presse was simply a German Spätzle Presse, designed to make a well-known German pasta dish.  If you don't want to shell out the $12.00 Bucks for your own Spaghetti Eis machine, you can try a variety of cookie presses and other devices, but in the end it will be alot of work.  Here's how to make the simple dessert in the end.


Vanilla Ice Cream, top quality, slightly softenened
Strawberry sauce
Grated Parmesan cheese
Whipped cream


Load your spaghetti ice cream presse with a serving of ice cream and press it through and into a serving bowl on top of a small dollop of whip cream.  If you are making this for a large family or party it's best to do this well ahead of time and put the bowls on a tray in your freezer.  Top each bowl with strawberry sauce (the marinara) and white chocolate (the parmesan) and voila!  Bon Appetito!