Pizza Boys--Soldotna:   Offering classic, thin crust, Greek style pizza since 1990, Pizza Boys is a local institution well know by our community for serving up great pizza and also contributing to our community's youth sports and other events and causes.  The coolest deal is that they'll even deliver to a public boat launch so you can pick up the pizza and keep fishing without ever leaving your boat during our summer salmon fever season!  The next best thing would be delivery by boat directly to your favorite fishing hole so you wouldn't have to leave your spot when your stomach starts growling after 12 hours on the river!  We first took advantage of their service in July 2000, and my wife fought me for the last slice of veggie pizza, which I thought was strange at the time because she's such a light eater.  We found out a week later that she was pregnant with twin boys--explained her appetite for sure!  Call Gen Smithwick and company at 262-4800 in Soldotna and have them deliver to Centeniall Park, the Pillars Boat Launch, or right here at Kenai Riverfront Resort....but don't keep them waiting at the dock or the highest will get your pizza!  Pizza Boys is located on the Sterling Hwy in the heart of Soldotna, across from Dairy Queen, near the Kenai River bridge.  $$ 

Papa Murphys--Soldotna: Voted the #1 Pizza Chain in America the past few years, Papa Murphy's does have consistently good tasting Take & Bake style pizza.  These pizzas are handy for planning ahead on busy fishing days, you can buy them up to a day or so in advance, store them in the fridge, and pop them in the oven when you're fishing crew is hungry!  Call Jim Nelson, (same name, different guy) or his wife Suzy, in Soldotna at 260-9411 and they'll have your pizza ready for pickup in 15 minutes or less and Voila! you have an instant meal.  A wide variety of pizza styles from thin crust to pan pizza and all the traditional toppings.  Note to our Japanese guests:  No Cuttlefish, Seaweed, or Squid pizzas available here.  Prices are good with frequent coupon and in-store specials starting in the $8.99 price range for a large.  Our family favorite is the thin crust De-Lite™ Pizza Hawaiian style.  Pizza is really the perfect food isn't it?  $

Kenai River Pizza--Kenai:  Just tried a slice for the first time recently, $3.00/slice and it was their "Kenai River" Special with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Black Olives & Mushrooms.  Cheesy, nice flavor, and I'm looking forward to ordering a whole pie for the family to try and I'll add to the review when we do.  335-2555 $$$

Bub's Pizza--Soldotna:  We've had their pizza a couple times now and I'm almost convinced that it's a quality pie with quality taste and ingredients.  A bit on the thick side, but tasty overall.  Need to try a few more varieties before we offer our final judgement.  An interesting side note for you long-time Alaskans or visitors from the Anchorage, Bub is evidently the brother of Guido of the famed "Guido's Pizza" on International Airport Road in Anchorage (back to our college days).  Call Bub at 262-9999 and tell him we sent you!  $$$

St. Elias Brewpub & Pizza--Soldotna:  The only really fresh hand-tossed contemporary style gourmet pizza available in Kenai/Soldotna (you have to drive to Homer otherwise).  Hand tossed, super fresh with gourmet combinations.  Salads, a wide variety of on-site brewed beer pair well with the pizza.  A litte $$$$$ but a nice getaway now and then.  Eclectic, somewhat strange, nay bizzare décor,  but comfortable seating and ample parking, located next to Fred Meyer, just up the hill through the trees.  $$$$$

Starvin' Marvin's Pizza--Homer Spit:  (Year Round, at the start of the spit on the right)  This is always a favorite spot to stop in Homer when we are good & hungry, especially when we need to feed our twin boys in a relaxed, comfortable, clean environment where we know the pizza will taste great every time!  Not too pricey, especially considering what they give you, and the service is usually very "down Homer" and friendly!  $$

Finn's Pizza on the Boardwalk--Homer Spit:  235-2840 (Summer Only)  My favorite place to get a slice of pizza or a whole pie just after getting off a charter at the harbor (mostly because they are so close, right on the main boardwalk across from the harbor), but also  because their funky upstairs dining area has a great view and is so tranquil.  Great pies, very innovative, almost to a fault. $$$

Fat Olive's--Homer:  235-8488  Great tasting gourmet pizza in mid-town Homer, watch for it on the right as you come down through town off the highway.  This restaurant also serves a wide variety of first class cuisine, steaks, seafood, salads and just about something for everyone.  A little pricey, and watch for automatic gratuities.  They have a giant pizza, like 28" or something.  We haven't been there for a while, still getting over sticker shock, but this has been a successful restaurant in Homer, a small town, for quite a few years now so they must be doing something right!  $$$$$

Magpye's Pizza--Sterling:  262-9397  Worth a quick bite sometime when you're passing through Sterling just to see the incredible Alaskan mural painted from floor to ceiling on the restaurant wall. They also server burgers and other typical Alaska hole-in-the-wall fare.  $$$

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