Inspired by one of our guests several years ago, when we were brainstorming what we could do with fresh halibut and jalapeno peppers, our now slightly famous Jalapeno Halibut Poppers have become one of our regular Fish Fry entree`s, and we always run out!


Jalapeno Pepper slices (de-seeded)
Cream Cheese
Beer Batter
(Japanese Breadcrumbs)
Light Olive Oil or Peanut Oil for Frying


Cut skinless halibut into small rectangular chunks (the size of a pickle or so).  Cut a slit in the middle of each piece lengthwise, without piercing the ends.  Press a couple of jalapeno slices into a small chunk of cream cheese and insert in slit.  Dip in beer batter, roll in panko, and fry until golden brown in a deep fryer.  So good they don't even need a dipping sauce, but if you find yourself searching for the perfect garnish look no further than homemade guacamole!