This Italian twist was brought about one day when we were in the mood for pasta with our fish instead of our many other favorites:  Grill Roasted Home Frys, Risotto, Beer Batter Frys, Garlic Grilled New Potatoes, Sticky Rice, Wild Rice Pilaf, etc.

So, with pasta in hand, linguini I think it was, and some fresh caught halibut from Homer, I gave a twist to our classic "Shore Lunch" pan fried halibut (coated with that light seasoned flour I have loved since childhood), by topping it with some thin sliced mozzarella cheese and placing it in a pan inside the gas grill to melt the cheese.  Then I placed it on top a bed of the linguini, covered in a freshly made marinara that I whipped up with garlic, italian parsley, and herbs while the fish was cooking.  Mangia e tas!


Fresh Halibut (works better than frozen)
Shore Lunch seasoning or home made seasoned flour
Light Olive Oil for frying
Pasta or your choice
Mozzarella cheese, sliced thin
Fresh Parmesan Cheese


Fillet the halibut into individual portions, similar to what you would see in veal parmigiana or eggplant parmigiana.  Coat the halibut portions thoroughly with Shore Lunch flour.  Pan fry in a hot skillet with light olive oil until brown and crisp on both sides, but don't overcook (they'll see more heat in the grill to melt the cheese).  Boil pasta, a little salt in water, no oil.  Toss immediately in olive oil.  Prepare a homemade marinara to your liking, or use a store bought meatless variety.  Place fried halibut portions in a pie place or baking pan and top with thin slices of mozzarella.  Place briefly in oven, or if cooking outdoors like I do 90% of the summer, place in a medium hot grill.  As soon as cheese is melted, place on bed of pasta topped with marinara.  More a little more marinara on top of the halibut, then a dusting of parmesan.  Ready to eat!