Infused with soy sauce and wrapped in seaweed, this Japanese version of a western omelette just seems to fit with our environment here on the Kenai River.  Here's how to make it.


2 Eggs, scrambled with a touch of soy sauce & water
1 Sheet of dried Seaweed
Smoked Salmon, crumbled OR Fresh Salmon, diced
Cream Cheese
Green Onion


Scramble the eggs with a dash or two of soy sauce and water.  Heat an omelette pan with a glaze of light olive oil or sesame oil.  Pour scrambled egg into pan.  Rough the edges and move the uncooked egg to the edge to cook, flip the omelette over if possible.  Fill the omelette with the cream cheese, sliced green onion, and smoked salmon.  Slice a 2 inch strip of the dried seaweed and place it on the serving plate.  Place the finished omelette on the plate, centered on the seaweed, then draw up the seaweed from both sides and form a belt-like closure.  Itadakimasu!